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Question without Birth data(Vedic Prashan)

This is a Paid Service.

NOTE: Only one question may be asked by a person,which should be specific, relating to a particular field (i.e. nature of question should not be general e.g. a person may not ask about his/her pattern of life).

The following proforma need be filled  by the person, asking the question:

1. Your Name
2.Your Email
3. Name of the Person asking the question
4.Phone :
5.Fax :
6.Date on which,question is asked by the person
7.Local Time of place from where the above person is asking the question:
8.Indian Standard Time of above:
9.Complete Residential Address of above person.
10.Name of Town/City with Lat: and Long: (Optional),alongwith name of district, state/county and name of Country.
11.Whether there is any Day/Summer Time Correction:
12. If so, the same be intimated:
13.Year of birth of the person, asking the question.
14.Your Question 
15.Your Order No.
           I agree with the Terms of Service

NOTE: This is a paid service, so just fill out the Order Form For Services and pay for the vedic prashan to obtain the order no and then enter that order no. in this form to get the answer. Your question will not be answered without a valid order number.