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The Astrology is an extremely powerful Science. Astrology is the science delving into the human and mundane destiny. It is as old as perhaps the human race itself and the Saints and the Astrologers of all ages have brought it to the level of a modern Science by their power of observation and imagination.

Astrology is no more an occult science of the Mystical East in the hands of religious Mystics, but is a modern science, based on scientific facts and research.

Every movement of star gives out a vibration and every star has its own individual movement. All the vibrations of the stars getting together at different moments, make effects on human beings and other material beings. It is a much debated question, whether the stars have any influence at all, on human beings. While we do not wish to concern ourselves with this controvery here, we may be allowed to express our view that judging from the recorded facts and our experience, we come to the conclusion that the heavenly bodies do exert their influence on the human beings, as also other material things in this world.

It is the business of Astrologers to guide the human beings with their observations. Ancient Astrologers have laid down certain astrological principles, by their constant observations and deductions, over the study of countless horoscopes. Character, Professions, Fame, Education, family life,health and in fact every phase of human life is interpreted more often than not, with surprising accuracy by experienced Astrologers.

Study of astrology is not a wading through a pool of cheap astrological contributions in weekly or monthly lay newspapers and magazines, but consists of deep and laborious delving into an ocean of ancient and modern literature on the subject, and study of thousands of horoscopes.


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